Tender boats 385

Small tender boat 385 – Pointed nose tender boat   This aluminium jon boat has in series three seats and two rowers positions. As for all our other small boats, it is extremely stable due to its flat bottom and has an exceptional living space.   Like the aluminum rowboat type 4000, it behaves well when … Read more

Tender boats 285

Tender dinghy boat 285 – Pointed nose small boat   This aluminum small boat has a complete equipment. This jon boat will quickly become a reference in its category. Moreover,On this aluminum light boat a motor of 3 to 6 hp is more than enough.   Fishing boat 285 – Fishing skiff  boat 285   … Read more

Fishing Boat 5000g

Fishing punt Boat 5000g – Fishing skiff boat 5000g   First and foremost, the Fishing Boat 5000g is distinguished by its width, a characteristic shared by all our models of aluminum tender boats, type G. La Maltiere has produced a 5000 G aluminum jon boat, which, despite its lightness, stands out as the best choice … Read more

Fishing Boat 4000g

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Fishing Boat 4000g – Fishing Skiff boat – Raised flat nose small jon boat   The small tender boat, with its unique width, stands out and is unquestionably ideal for fishing. La Maltière has crafted the Fishing Boat 4000g, a fishing skiff that is exceptionally lightweight, spacious, incredibly stable, and cost-effective. This fishing punt is … Read more

Dinghy boat 4000

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Small dinghy boat 4000 – Small punt boat – Aluminum skiff boat   Introducing the Small Dinghy Boat 4000 – Small Punt Boat – Aluminum Skiff – Raised Flat Nose Small Jon Boat, designed for various uses.   Featuring three seats and two rower positions, this jon boat is the family’s favorite for leisurely outings … Read more

Fishing Boat 3600g

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Notably, the Fishing Boat 3600g – tender boat is unique due to its significant width. This compact fishing dinghy, constructed from lightweight aluminum, enhances stability and comfort. Additionally, the Fishing Boat 3600g offers ample room for 3 to 4 people on board, ensuring a comfortable and spacious experience. Moreover, it’s important to mention that while … Read more

Dinghy boat 3600

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Dinghy Boat 3600 – Guddle Work Punt Boat   Introducing the Dinghy boat 3600 – Guddle Work punt boat with a raised flat nose, a versatile fishing vessel. Our best-selling jonboat is a popular choice for fishing enthusiasts. Equipped with a 3 to 6 hp motor, this aluminum small boat offers reliability and performance. Notably, … Read more

Fishing boat 3000

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Small Fishing Boat 3000 – Rowboat Small Fishing boat 3000 – Rowboat – Raised flat nose Fishing skiff boat   Firstly, this aluminum fishing boat is designed for multipurpose use and available in various sizes. Secondly, it is the ultimate all-round fishing boat, suitable for different activities. Additionally, equipped with a 3 to 6 hp engine, … Read more

Tender boat 2700

aluminium fishing boat - punt boat

Tender boat 2700 – Jon boat   Primarily, Tender boat 2700 – Jon boat has established our reputation. This aluminum small boat, in turn, offers lightness, durability, and space-saving design.   In other words, As can be seen, this tiny light boat is equipped with aluminum pulleys and front and rear cleats. All things considered, … Read more