Alu Boat

Detailled description of an aluminium small boat (Click on the picture)

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat
ChestBuoyancy boxAluminium cleatWooden rowTolet with chrome-plated brass side supportAluminium pulleyClosing the stainless steel trunkFront benchRing - Front attachmentProfessional welding


fishing boat

Each boat is equipped with a standard trunk.

Buoyancy box

Each boat is equipped with a buoyancy box.

Aluminium cleat

fishing boat

Each boat is equipped with a custom-made aluminium cleat for hanging.

Wooden row

Each boat is equipped with a pair of oars in standard.

Tolet with chrome-plated brass side support

tender boats

Each boat is equipped for the use of roof reams with lateral support in chromed brass.

Aluminium pulley

dinghy boats

Each boat is equipped with aluminium pulley.

Closing the stainless steel trunk

fishing boat

Each boat is equipped with a stainless steel trunk lock.

Front bench

Aluminium fishing boat

Each boat of this model is equipped with a front bench as standard.

Ring - Front attachment

Light dinghy boat

On this model of boat, the front attachment is standard.

Professional welding

Welded aluminium boat

All our boats are welded in aluminium.

Design Features of aluminium dinghy

Dinghy is flat-bottomed shell. The cutting, assembly, shaping of each dinghy is done in our workshops. Dinghy is welded in aluminium. The seals are equipped with high strength silicone. Each sheet is based is 2 mm thick with protective reinforcements. The lateral sides are 1.5 mm with ribs. The 2 mm transom is designed for engine reinforcement. The central box is a buoyancy reserve. The dinghy 2700 does not have any drain plug. The charge is given for a draft of 10 cm.


Stability tests on different dinghy models




Serial equipment on each dinghy (included in the price of each small boat)


Each boat is equipped with a trunk which has strong locks.
The seats are covered with marine poly-wood. The pulleys and cleats are made of aluminum for less weight. Alveoli are present around the boat to hang noodles etc. The oars are made of wood with brass socks. The rowlocks supports are in bronze. The hinges are made of aluminum. All our boats have a drain plug and a reinforcement at the transom to fix a motor if the user of the boat wants to do so.
The model 2700 does not have a drain plug. 


Notes on the manufacturing procedure for each boat


All our dinghies are made on demand, and apart from the general shape of the boat chosen, most changes can be made at your request.
All the modifications seen on this site are examples of customers’ demands.
Charge data is given as an indication for a drought of 10 cm.