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Firstly, La maltière manufacture a light aluminium boataluminum dinghy with flat-bottomed shell. Moreover, we do the cutting, assembly and shaping of each aluminum dinghy over all in our workshops. Further, we welded all our fishing punt, fishing skiff , jonboat in aluminium.


To sum up, let us give you more detail of our aluminium boat:


Firstly, we are equipped the seals of our aluminium boats – aluminum dinghy with high strength silicone. Secondly, each sheet of our tender boat is based is 2 mm thick with protective reinforcements. Thirdly, the lateral sides of all our aluminum skiff, aluminum puntaluminum dinghy are 1.5 mm with ribs.


Fourthly, we have put a 2mm transom that is designed for strengthening the engine of our jonboat.


Fifthly, we have put a central box for all our aluminium light boats that is a buoyancy reserve. Sixthly, and in exception, the metal dinghy 2700 does not have any drain plug. Last but not least, the charge of the la maltière flat-bottomed boat is given for a draft of 10 cm.


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Moreover, at la maltière each aluminium Small boat , aluminum sport boat , aluminum pleasure craft , aluminum workboat or aluminum fishing boat is equipped with a trunk which has strong locks. In addition, the seats are covered with marine poly-wood and the pulleys and the cleats are made of aluminum for less weight.


Further, you can certainly see that a alveoli are present around our tender dinghy to hang noodles. Moreover, we made the punt boat oars of wood with brass socks.


As well as that, you can assuredly find that the light flat bottom boat rowlocks supports are in bronze. Similarly, and most importantly that we made the boat hinges of aluminum.


Moreover, you will find that all our boats : fishing boats, sport boats , pleasure boats , work boats … have a drain plug and a reinforcement at the transom to fix a motor, for if the user of our tender boat wants to do so. However and in exception, the model 2700 does not have a drain plug.


Also, Aluminium boat, handcrafted.

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Nautical boating Accessories: tender boat – metal dinghy

Furthermore, La Maltière is a French artisanal factory of fishing boats and welded aluminium boats. In addition, each jonboat can be adapted to the customer’s request specially with a Nautical boating accessories from la maltière. Besides, all our boats are flat-bottomed hulls.


Moreover, and most importantly, we manufacture entirely all our Nautical boating Accessories ourselves.  Above all, we done The cutting, assembly and shaping of all our boating accessories in our workshops. For instance, we made the joints with silicone for high strength finishing.


And we made each bottom plate on the jonboat with 2 mm thick with protective reinforcements. Likewise, we made he lateral sides with 1.5 mm with ribs.  Similarly, we produced the 2 mm transom is designed for the engine reinforcement. In the same vein,we fabricated the central box with a reserve of buoyancy.


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