Additional Storage Compartments

Boat Addtional Storage Compartments


Presentation of the La Maltière ! Especially, a additional storage compartments option, handcrafted.


The Maltière operates as a French artisanal factory that manufactures aluminum tender boats and welded aluminum boats. We can adapt each boat to the customer’s request, especially when selecting additional storage compartments.


Our versatile aluminum boat excels in fishing, work, and leisure activities, making it the perfect companion for any on-water adventure.


Additional Storage Compartments


  • Thus, To unlock the extra storage compartments advantage, consider our custom-built additional storage compartments exclusively designed for our aluminum JonBoats !


  • So, Tailored Storage Solutions: We’ve equipped our aluminum boats with custom-crafted extra compartments designed to meet your unique needs


  • Ample storage for gear, tools, and personal items ensures you’re fully prepared for any water activity.


  • Angler’s Paradise : Our jonboat offers ample storage for fishing gear, bait, and catches, ensuring a successful day for fishing enthusiasts.


  • Built for Work : If you’re in construction, maintenance, or any other trade, our boat’s extra storage compartments provide the practicality you need for tools and equipment.


  • For leisure and exploration, our aluminum skiff and punt become your escape with storage for picnic and outdoor gear.


  • Rugged and Reliable : Built from high-quality aluminum, our boat thrives in tough conditions, delivering top-notch performance.


  • Elevate Your Experience : Custom storage solutions unlock your aluminum boat’s full potential, preparing you for any adventure.


Ready for Adventure ! Embrace the freedom of the open water with a jonboat designed to enhance every aspect of your outdoor lifestyle.

Ready to Set Sail ? Explore our aluminum boats with extra storage compartments and experience the versatility of a jonboat designed to cater to all your needs. Your adventure starts here !


Aluminum skiff Additional storage compartments


Custom Aluminum Skiff with Added Storage Compartments: Elevate Your Adventures with Extra Convenience !


Indeed, transition seamlessly from work to leisure, as our aluminum skiff becomes your trusted companion for recreational adventures with custom storage options for all your gear.


Furthermore, crafted from high-quality aluminum, these storage compartments are designed to withstand the elements while seamlessly integrating into the skiff’s overall design.


Elevate Your On-Water Experience! Unlock the full potential of your custom aluminum skiff with these additional storage compartments, ensuring you’re ready for any adventure that comes your way.


Ready for Enhanced Convenience? Explore our custom aluminum skiffs with extra storage compartments and embark on your next on-water journey fully equipped and organized.


Aluminum punt Additional storage boxes


Explore Our Aluminum Punt: Discover the versatility and practicality of our aluminum punt, now featuring custom-made additional storage boxes.

To begin with, Ample Storage Space: These extra storage boxes expand your capacity, allowing you to carry more gear, equipment, or personal items, making your outings more organized and efficient.

Secondly, Perfect for Work and Ideal for Anglers: Whether you use our aluminum punt for work-related tasks or for fishing gear, these additional storage boxes are essential for safely stowing tools and equipment.

What’s more, when it’s time for relaxation and exploration, our aluminum punt becomes your go-to leisure companion, with custom storage options for all your recreational gear.

Moreover, Just like our jonboats, these storage boxes are built to last, crafted from high-quality aluminum, and seamlessly integrated into the punt’s design.




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