Fishing Boat 3600g


3-4 p


3-6 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)



Notably, the Fishing Boat 3600g – tender boat is unique due to its significant width. This compact fishing dinghy, constructed from lightweight aluminum, enhances stability and comfort.

Additionally, the Fishing Boat 3600g offers ample room for 3 to 4 people on board, ensuring a comfortable and spacious experience.

Moreover, it’s important to mention that while this boat is compatible with a 9.9 hp engine, a motor ranging from 3 to 6 hp is more than sufficient for most needs.



Fishing Boat 3600 g – Tender boat for sale


Furthermore, The Maltière manufactures this lightweight, well-sized boat for a variety of uses.

Notably, the fishing boat produced by La Maltière boasts a spacious width, ensuring exceptional stability.

Moreover, this dinghy tender remains light while accommodating up to five people comfortably.

In our company, we’ve designed the perfect tender boat, making it ideal for solo fishing trips. Due to its lightweight construction, it’s a true reference for predator fishing.

Additionally, the Punt Boat 3600g from La Maltière is a versatile choice. For example, it’s suitable for fishing and leisurely cruises. Remarkably, this fishing dinghy can also serve as a work boat, supporting an impressive 639.3406 pounds and featuring a draft of 10 centimeters, allowing for increased cargo capacity.”

Not to mention, this jon boat is your passport to reaching inaccessible locations with ease, courtesy of its exceptional lightweight design.

Like all our Punt Boats 3600g, it’s constructed from welded aluminum, ensuring an unlimited lifespan under normal use.





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