Fishing Boat 3600g


3-4 p


3-6 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)


This fishing boat 3600g is special due to its important width. Our compact fishing dinghy aluminum small for even more stability and comfort.
This fishing boat 3600g is very roomy for 3 to 4 people on board.
Although this boat is for an engine. 9.9 hp, a motor of 3 to 6 hp is more than enough.




Tender fishing boat 3600g

La Maltière manufactures this light weight, good sized boat for a variety of uses.

The fishing boat produced by la Maltière has a large width and it is very stable due to it’s large width.

This dinghy tender remains light while being of good size, so it can easily accommodate five people.

In our company we invent just a perfect tender boat that is ideal for fishing trips and because of its lightness can be used alone. As a matter of fact, the tender dinghy is a reference for predator fishing.

The tender boat 3600g can be used for various purposes. For instance, its can be used for fishing and also for cruising. The La Maltière fishing dinghy can also be used as a work boat because it supports 639.3406 pounds with a draft of 10 centimeters. Therefore, it is possible to load more.

This boat can be used everywhere to go to inaccessible places and especially its lightness allows any maneuver.

Like all our tender boats 3600g, it is made of welded aluminum and its life span is unlimited under normal use.





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