Fishing boat 3000


2-3 p


3-5 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)


Small Fishing boat 3000– Raised flat nose small boat

This aluminum fishing boat is for multipurpose use in size. It is the allround fishing boat.
A 3 to 6 hp engine . This aluminum small boat is has a 6 hp engine.



Fishing Tender boat 3000

La Maltière manufactures a ultra light boat for a variety of uses and only produce the highest quality fishing boats 3000 with excellent sailing characteristics.

This boat is ideal for carp fishing. In small ponds as well as in big ponds, in addition its stability combined with its weight, certainly this boat knows how to make the difference with regard to the other boats.

This fishing boat built by La Maltière is your pass to freedom on the ocean. Once you drop anchor, it’s your bestride to the excitement and exploit that inspired you to buy our fishing boat in first place . Especially, that this boat 3000 can be used anywhere to go to inaccessible places and above all its lightness allows any maneuver.

In conclusion, the fishing boat produced with La Maltière is the most fun boat you’ll ever own. For the simple reason, all our fishing boats are made of welded aluminum, safe , ultra light and it’s life span is unlimited in normal use.


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