Fishing Boat 4000g


4-5 p


6 - 9.9 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)


Fishing Boat 4000g – Raised flat nose small boat

This small tender boat remains specific due to its width. and without a doubt is perfect for fishing.
La Maltière produced just a perfect aluminum boat that it’s is light, roomly, super stable and economic. This fishing small boat is the best one you can find.
All our fishing aluminum boat are supports a 9.9 hp engine but rarely needs to be used at full power.




Fishing Tender boat 4000g

La Maltière manufactures this light weight, good sized boat for a variety of uses.

The 4000g boat is characterized by its large width, which makes it a very stable boat. And it has an aesthetic that is appreciated by all.

Our 4000g boat is stable and light and can easily accommodate 6 people without forgetting that can be loaded up to 837.76 pounds.

This boat is light in weight but still a good size. This boat can easily accommodate six people.

The 4000g boat is a reference for fishing parties and especially for predatory fishing.

The 4000g is also a reference as a working boat. It can be used for the removal of primrose, the transport of grass, but also wood or rubble.

In outre, and most importantly, you can used this tender boat 4000g for various purposes. for the simple reason that the 4000g boat it can be used for a variety of purposes, from fishing to cruising. The La Maltière 4000g can also be used as a working boat because it can carry 837.76 pounds with a draft of 10 centimeters. Therefore, it is possible to load more.

Moreover , you can all, amateur, fisherman or sailor, use all our fishing boat 4000g everywhere to go to inaccessible places and especially its lightness allows any maneuver.

Here’s a quick secret — the fishing tender produced at La Maltière is the most fun boat you’ll ever own. For the simple reason,all our boats are made of welded aluminum, safe , ultra light and its life span is unlimited in normal use.



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