Dinghy boat 3600


3-4 p


3-6 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)



Dinghy Boat 3600 – Guddle Work Punt Boat


Introducing the Dinghy boat 3600 – Guddle Work punt boat with a raised flat nose, a versatile fishing vessel.

Our best-selling jonboat is a popular choice for fishing enthusiasts. Equipped with a 3 to 6 hp motor, this aluminum small boat offers reliability and performance. Notably, this aluminum dinghy boat comes with a powerful 9.9 hp engine.


Flat bottomed boat 3600 – Welded aluminum skiff boat


The Maltière manufactures an ultra-light flat-bottomed Jonboat for a variety of uses. Moreover, they exclusively produce high-quality, well-sized punt boats with excellent sailing characteristics.

At our company, ‘La Maltière,’ we offer you a boat tender that remains lightweight while being spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four people. Furthermore, the Jonboat 3600 can be used for various purposes, including fishing and leisurely outings. Additionally, the punt boat 3600, made by La Maltière, is also suitable for use as a work punt due to its capacity to support 595.2481 pounds.

Our Guddle Work Punt 3600 is versatile and can access even the most inaccessible places. Most importantly, its lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability.

Here’s a valuable tip: the welded aluminum skiff boat 3600 produced at La Maltière is the ultimate Jonboat you’ll ever own. The key reason being that all our flat-bottom boats are manufactured from welded aluminum, providing security, ultralightness, and an unlimited lifespan under normal usage conditions.



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