Dinghy boat 3600


3-4 p


3-6 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)


Small Dinghy boat 3600 – Raised flat nose small boat

This dinghy boat is our best seller.
A motor of 3 to 6 hp on this aluminum small boat . This aluminum dinghyboat has a 9.9 hp engine.



Dinghy boat 3600

La Maltière manufactures a ultra light Dinghy boat for a variety of uses and only produce the highest quality , well-sized Dinghy boats with excellent sailing characteristics.

Our company “La Maltière” you offert a boat tender remains light while being of good size and can easily accommodate four people.
Moreover, you can used the 3600 for various purposes and certainly you can used it for fishing and also for walking. Furthermore, the dinghy 3600 maded by La Maltière can also be used as a work boat because it can support 595.2481 pounds.

Our dinghy boat 3600 can be used anywhere to go to inaccessible places and most importantly above all its lightness allows any maneuver.

Here’s a quick secret — the dinghy boat tender produced at La Maltière is the most fun boat you’ll ever own. For the simple and good reason, that all our dinghy boats are manufectered of welded aluminum , secure , ultra light and its life span is unlimited in normal use.


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