Options Alu Boat

Possible options on each aluminium small boat

Aluminium is a lightweight and recyclable material. Aluminium is welded. Many options are therefore possible.
This page is dedicated to the options available on each small boat. The video below describes in the picture what the most common options are.
REMINDER of standard equipment (included in the price of each dinghy) :
– Rear trunk with sturdy lockable closures
– Seats covered with marine poly wood
– Aluminium pulleys and cleats for weight lowering
– Bins for hanging up keepers, buckets, buckets
– Wooden units with brass roofs
– Bronze swimming lady supports
– Aluminium hinges
– Drain plug
– Reinforcement at the transom to adapt the engine
The video here highlights these options, namely :
– Front guardrail
– Rear guardrail
– Row support
– Chekker carpet
– Front foot step box