Nautical Accessories

We present here what  Maltiere offers as accessories to its boats. These nautical accessories are mostly in stock. You can contact us for more information.



Presentation of the company Barque La Maltière !
Aluminium boat, handcrafted.
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La Maltière is a French artisanal factory of fishing boats and welded aluminium boats. Each boat can be adapted to the customer’s request. Our boats are flat-bottomed hulls. The cutting, assembly and shaping of all our boats is done in our workshops. Our boats are welded in aluminium. The joints are siliconized for high strength finishing. All our boats are manufactured entirely by us. Each bottom plate on the boat is 2 mm thick with protective reinforcements. The lateral sides are 1.5 mm with ribs. The 2 mm transom is designed for the engine reinforcement. The central box is a reserve of buoyancy. The model 2700 boat does not have a drain plug. The load is given as an indication for a draught of 10 cm.