Boat Seat backrest

Firstly, we will start with presentation of the Nautical Accessories sold by the company Barque La Maltière like a Boat Seat padded backrest !


Moreover , the Maltière has a large collection of boat accessories that make use of boat even more pleasant , much more easier and more safe. for instance, we will mainly talk here about the Seat with padded backrest accessory. We have really a cool Nautical Accessories to meet all your need for boat use.

Aluminium boat, handcrafted.


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Nautical boating Accessories : tender boat


Furthermore, La Maltière is a French artisanal factory of fishing boats and welded aluminium boats. In addition, each boat can be adapted to the customer’s request specially with a Nautical boating accessories from la maltière. Besides, all our boats are flat-bottomed hulls.


Moreover, and most importantly, we manufacture entirely all our Nautical boating Accessories ourselves. Above all, we done The cutting, assembly and shaping of all our boating accessories in our workshops. For instance, we made the joints with silicone for high strength finishing. And we made each bottom plate on the boat with 2 mm thick with protective reinforcements. likewise, we made he lateral sides with 1.5 mm with ribs.


Similarly, we produced the 2 mm transom is designed for the engine reinforcement. In the same vein,we fabricated the central box with a reserve of buoyancy.


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