Presentation of the La Maltière ! Especially, the cushions alu boat option , handcrafted.

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La Maltière is a French artisanal factory of fishing tender boats and welded aluminium boats. And, each aluminium dinghy with the cushions alu boat option it’s can be adapted to the customer’s request.

Further , you can surely see that our boats with this option are flat-bottomed hulls. Above all, the cutting, assembly and shaping of all our aluminium tender boats, we done it entirely in our workshops.

Moreover, we boats welded in aluminium and the joints are siliconized for high strength finishing. In short, we manufactured entirely our boats with professionnalisme and high quality.

Let us briefly describe our boats. Firstly, each bottom plate on the boat is 2 mm thick with A HIGHT protective reinforcements. In addition, the lateral sides are 1.5 mm with ribs and the 2 mm transom is designed for the engine reinforcement. Further, the central box is a reserve of buoyancy.

By the way, our model 2700 boat does not have a drain plug. Something else, the load is given as an indication for a draught of 10 cm. Finally, you can certainly use our tender boat as work boats and fishing boats.

Tender boat – the cushions alu boat option

Our company a Maltière you offer for sale a Light weight aluminium fishing dinghy with a cushions option. You can clearly see that the flat-bottomed boat are all manufactured by craftsmen and with excellent sailing characteristics.

Besides, all our customers confirm that all the tender boat that we manufacture are manufectred by craftsmen and with hight quality.

In conclusion, for work or fishing you can used everywhere our tender boat to go to inaccessible places. And especially, its lightness allows any maneuver.

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