Tender boats 385


4-5 p


6-9.9 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)



Small tender boat 385 – Pointed nose tender boat


This aluminium jon boat has in series three seats and two rowers positions. As for all our other small boats, it is extremely stable due to its flat bottom and has an exceptional living space.


Like the aluminum rowboat type 4000, it behaves well when cornering and sifts very easily.


This tender boat supports a 9.9 hp engine but it is rarely to be used at full power.



Fishing Tender boat 385 – Aluminium Punt boat


La maltière produce Fishing Boat 385 that is an aluminium skiff boat with a pointed bow. This fisshing punt boat is light and is characterized by its elegant design.


Furthermore, all our model of the tender boat 385 is known all over the world. And most importantly that are maded with Aluminum does not fear heat and does not fear cold and that The jon boat 385 is a 12.63123 feet boat with a pointed nose.


Therewith, you can used The 385 punt boat often as a fishing skiff boat or as a touring boats.


You can used The 385 for a variety of purposes. You cas used our aluminium tender boat 385 for fishing and also for cruising. Further, you are able also to use The La Maltière aluminum punt boat 385 as a work boat because it supports 485.017 pounds for a draft of 10 centimeters. Therefore, it is possible to load more.


Aluminium punt boat 385 – Skiffs boats for Flats Fishing


The 385 is a reference in touring jon boats and for various uses. You can all also used the flat bottomed boat as a boat tender. Its design is chosen among many others to serve as a work of art in parks and gardens.


In addition, You can clearly see that The light 385 aluminum rowboat can easily accommodates 4 people and you can loaded it to a height of 661.3868 pounds and a draft of 10 centimeters.


At la maltière, we produce a row boat is light in weight but still a good size and its life span is unlimited under normal use. for the simple reason and like all our flat bottomed boats, we made it of welded aluminum .


Here’s a quick secret — the boat tender 385 produced at la Maltière has an aesthetic that is appreciated by all for the simple reason that that all our buyers found it beautiful and light.


In short, for watersports, exploring, scuba diving, snorkeling or fishing you can used everywhere our aluminium tender dinghy boats to go to inaccessible places and especially its lightness allows any maneuver.


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